CapABLE Solution Developments

Our Intuition ABLE Solutions Team is hard at work developing and implementing a records management system specifically tailored to the needs of ABLE program administrators. The Intuition CapABLE System has been in development for months, preparing for a rollout over the next 6 months. CapABLE is based on the same Prima platform that is used to manage 529 college savings programs nationwide, and has received excellent reviews from all of its customers.


The CapABLE system’s secure, reliable platform has received countless feature updates and security enhancements, and has shown to be flexible to innovation. Much of this innovation has come directly from customer recommendations and input, which has led to the development of a highly effective product. The predecessor of CapABLE, Prima, has been in service for over two decades and is still currently being used by over 10 states. This platform has provided the perfect base for the new CapABLE system, and our team is excited with the ongoing progress.


While CapABLE is built on the Prima platform, it is requiring significant development efforts in order to facilitate all of the new functionality required for managing ABLE accounts. The qualifications for an ABLE account are more stringent, and the rules and procedures for having and using these accounts are still being developed. We anticipate that ABLE accounts will be more active, with contributions coming in and distributions out much more frequently than traditional 529 accounts. This flexibility is what makes ABLE so valuable to the beneficiary, and challenging for states trying to get their programs setup.

We also anticipate a robust reporting requirement and protocols for managing ABLE Accounts, and are developing technology to allow us to securely display this information to various stakeholders. Recent proposed rules from the Internal Revenue Service indicate that ABLE program managers will have significant verification and monitoring responsibilities. Having a platform and program solution that can meet these requirements is critical to a successful ABLE program.

Host State vs. Contractor State

Nationwide states are deciding how they are going to service ABLE accounts for their citizens, and the decision is not a simple one. Many states are large and can afford to implement their own program, while other smaller states would face a significant financial burden of trying to service a smaller account base. Intuition’s solution is to build a system that large states could implement for their own citizens, and then contract with smaller state’s to join their program and help to further spread the program management costs.

We are excited to be part of this new industry and look forward to working with ABLE Programs across the country.


More updates coming soon.

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