Our Solutions

Intuition’s CapABLE and AchieveABLE Solutions provide the most efficient & flexible platforms and customer service to deliver a quality program to your state’s residents who qualify for ABLE accounts. Our solutions employ web-based technology and electronic delivery methods to help reach ABLE account owners in the most convenient, efficient, and secure way.

We believe that qualified individuals should have access to online ABLE programs that are just as advanced, comprehensive, and user-friendly as any other financial services website that they use. Our unique CapABLE platform provides account owners with 24/7/365 real-time access to their account information for both inquiries and updates of their information. Our CapABLE system gives users access to a broad range of functionality and resources. Using a single login, account holders have the ability to:

  • View & maintain account holder, beneficiary, and custodian information
  • Access account balance in real-time
  • View & manage their asset allocation & investment portfolio
  • Initiate distributions online
  • View history of distributions
  • Request a debit card
  • Utilize flexible e-gifting options and features
  • Download account statements
  • Choose their communication preferences
  • View their contract and other important plan documentation & forms


The CapABLE platform is backed by AchieveABLE, IntuitionABLE’s innovative on boarding and program management model. AchieveABLE streamlines the implementation process, delivering a fully-featured, customizable solution to state residents as quickly as possible. Every program is fully supported on-site by a team of highly-trained, highly-experienced Customer Service Representatives. IntuitionABLE’s Culture of Caring is evident in each and every interaction with one of our Representatives.

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Our CapABLE platform is built to the highest security standards in the 529 industry, and benefits from our teams having worked in the industry for decades. Some of our electronic data security includes:

  • Strict access controls to data within the system
  • Restricted function to specific user categories
  • All accesses are audited
  • Denying use of software not authorized to a specific password
  • All data stored in secured facilities with redundant back-up systems

We employ best of breed hardware and software technology designed to protect the data stored in our systems.

PCI Compliance

Intuition’s Bill2Pay business unit is a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment processor. PCI DSS Security Standards are part of the PCI Security Standards Council program and have the most stringent standards for processors of credit card transactions, involving a rigorous audit process to achieve and maintain certification. Although PCI compliance is related specifically to payment processing, the security measures implemented and reviewed to reach this level of certification permeates our entire organization. Our business and technology environment is therefore under constant scrutiny to ensure privacy and protection of our customer’s invaluable information.

Different State Options

The ABLE Act creates a great opportunity for the millions of qualified individuals with disabilities in America. However, it is up to individual States to institute ABLE programs. These programs will most likely involve a third-party administrator (“TPA”) and will take one of two forms.

  1. An individual state will build a stand alone program with a TPA
  2. Individual state will build an administrative program with a TPA and offer their plan to other states

Each of the above options has their advantages and disadvantages, but option one has the burden of being cost restrictive while the other will benefit from economies of scale.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak with a representative, please feel free to contact us.