Intuition ABLE Solutions, LLC was established to be a dedicated provider of customized solutions for the ABLE community and has a proven track record in the 529A industry. Based in Florida, we were established in 2015 as part of the Intuition, LLC (Intuition) family of companies. As the sister company to an organization that has spent over 30 years in the college savings industry, our team was already a step ahead when it came to understanding the needs for the ABLE marketplace. Our 529A expertise and dedication to the industry fostered our desire to develop a cutting-edge technology solution that would significantly improve the savings space for individuals with disabilities. From customer engagement to technology support, our fully-digital platform has made services more accessible than ever. Our expertise and robust 529A platform provide you with the resources and ingredients for a successful program.

Our Approach

Today’s consumer wants and expects a fully immersed online experience and accessibility 24/7/365. Knowing that Americans with disabilities are capable and deserve to be treated as equals, why should the disability community expect any less from a financial services product? Since the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act passed in 2014, we have been committed to doing just that: creating savings opportunities for persons with disabilities. That means offering an innovative savings solution that allows each client to customize a plan to their unique needs. At Intuition ABLE Solutions, we are committed to transforming the industry and providing full-service, accessible, and timely solutions for clients across the nation.

Given our proven track record, today we remain at the forefront of policy, program and product design and implementation for ABLE programs across the nation. Our team of highly-specialized experts are dedicated to putting you first. We are not simply providers; we are partners.

Intuition ABLE Solutions is committed to providing innovative and effective state ABLE plans for individuals with disabilities. Our compliant digital solutions offer a variety of unique benefits, including increased quality, efficiency, accessibility, and security. We pair our technology with unbeatable customer engagement and support to create a full-service solution that can be customized to meet the needs of each individual client. Let our team work alongside you to help provide your state’s citizens with the recognized leader in the ABLE market.

We are confident that we can create the specialized plan that perfectly fits your needs. Contact us today to learn more about getting started.

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