Case Studies & Testimonials

Case: Leveraging technology to create national competitive advantage

The Challenge

How to launch a robust yet cost effective program for a state which has no funds to build or promote their 529A program. Intuition ABLE Solutions lobbied to eliminate the State residency requirement and developed its National Program module which allows for a customized approach for any state to launch a program that was both flexible and extremely quick to market.


Intuition ABLE Solutions is proud to power Ohio’s STABLE Account, which offers nationwide savings plan enrollment for individuals with disabilities. Ohio’s STABLE Account is a trailblazer in the 529A marketplace, offering comprehensive program features to its customer base. With the support of our digital solutions package, they are the national leader in the ABLE landscape.

  • Largest and most-used program in the nation
  • Over $95 million in assets under management
  • Over 15,000 accounts
  • Accounts open in all 50 states
  • Partnership with 11 states
  • High Quality Plan Features
  • Exceptional Customer Engagement Services


  • 100% adoption rate for online enrollment
  • 525% account growth and 947% asset growth from 2016 - 2019
  • Fewest number of forms in the marketplace

*Results as of Q1 2020

Case: Leveraging technology to promote savings and growth

The Challenge

The 2017 federal tax reform introduced increased annual maximum contribution limits for working Beneficiaries. Intuition ABLE Solutions launched an enhanced online feature to comply with the federal mandate. As a value-added benefit, it included built-in Program and Beneficiary-level safeguards while offering a user-friendly tool to promote increased savings.


  • Fully integrated, online solution
  • Low customer friction – easy and straightforward process
  • Enhanced consumer experience
  • Program-level safeguards minimize program risk and exposure
  • Beneficiary-level safeguards
  • Flexible architecture to enable Plans to conform with future changes in the law

Community Involvement Initiatives

Employer Initiatives

ABLE Account Match Program: Intuition, LLC is proud to provide matching contributions to all eligible 529 ABLE accounts opened by an employee of Intuition’s family of companies, either for themselves or on behalf of their qualified dependent. Intuition ABLE Solutions is proud to be part of one of the first companies to offer this corporate benefit to its employees.