Since the passage of the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act in 2014, our team has been dedicated to bringing our long-standing 529 industry expertise to this specialized and emerging sector. Our solution pairs accessible online technology with real-time customer engagement to enable and significantly improve how the disability community saves. Enjoy access to our operations center, participant web hosting, record-keeping, and customer engagement services with our all-inclusive package. Read up on our solution features below, or set up an introductory call with our team today.

We anticipate in the coming years states will be faced with finding more efficient, cost-effective, and viable long-term ABLE program solutions. States may also be pressured to upgrade from an outdated paper-driven environment that does not align with the online accessibility needs of their customers and/or cannot support the evolving regulatory changes. We’ve combined our extensive ABLE experience with our unique online environment to develop a fully-integrated digital program transition.

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Software Capabilities

Our proprietary technology solution is designed specifically for the 529A industry, with the goal of improving and streamlining savings plan processes for the disability community. Our real-time digital solution offers benefits like increased accessibility, security, and quality that work together to improve the program for you and your end-users. Our compliant technology provides participants an easy-to-use platform where they can manage everything from enrollments to distributions, all in a flexible environment that’s tailored to your state’s needs. With Intuition ABLE Solutions’ efficient onboarding process, innovative digital services, and secure systems, you can feel confident that you’re providing the best ABLE solution for your state.

Our features and modules offer an enhanced consumer experience and provide ABLE Plans with maximum flexibility to conform to evolving federal regulations and state laws.


We understand the importance of data security and take this aspect of records administration very seriously. While our consumer-facing solutions are easy-to-use, we provide the highest level of data security to protect the privacy of consumer’s financial records and identity information. Our security credentials include PCI Level I (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standards (DSS) certification. PCI certification is part of the PCI Security Standards Council’s program and is the most stringent standard for processors of credit card transactions.

Program Features

  • Robust 529A technology platform featuring highly configurable and secure environment
  • Mobile friendly, self-servicing online enrollment, account management
  • Manage plan features with user-friendly online controls
  • ADA 508 compliant integrating use of assistive technology tools
  • Responsive design enabling use of mobile devices
  • Accessible 24/7/365
  • Flexible e-gifting features
  • Web analytics

CORE Modules

  • National Plan
  • Customized ABLE CIP and Fraud Prevention
  • ABLE to Work
  • Prepaid Card
  • Third-Party Payee Management
  • Re-Certification

Client Engagement

At Intuition ABLE Solutions, we’re not just records administrators, we’re partners. You will benefit from having direct access to a highly specialized team of 529A experts that will deliver a proven solution tailored to your needs. We are proud to be the longest serving and most knowledgeable team of professionals in the ABLE industry.

Customer Engagement

Our Customer Engagement Center is a team of highly specialized professionals who have superior knowledge of the 529A market, the ABLE program, structure and our core ABLE products. They are the most-tenured and knowledgeable team in the 529A industry. Their training began in 2015, six months prior to the first ABLE program launch. Our Customer Engagement Representatives continue to grow through regular engagement with the disability community.

See for yourself how we continue to win clients over with our superior customer engagement. Contact us today.